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Dorky at my best and flirtatious at my worst, I am an actress that began as a writer. Reading stories like Sula, The Grapes of Wrath, and Postcards from No Man's Land, invited me to extend my artistic outreach beyond reading, into writing, music and then finally into acting.


As a first generation Jamaican-American, I have experienced life through conflicting perspectives that allow nuanced art to pour out of me. I was born in Queens, raised out in Brooklyn, and then interrupted by a swift shift to the suburbs of New Jersey. I grew up on ackee and salt-fish, Bollywood movies, and lots of My Chemical Romance shower renditions. 


With such a versatile cultural background, my acting training continued that trend. Rutgers University provided me with a four year scholarship which I used to acquire a BA in Theater and Journalism, with a focus on Meisner techniques. I later received an MFA in Acting from East 15 Acting School, a British drama school where I studied Shakespeare and Laban. In between school terms I performed with Car Crash Productions at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the Drayton Arms Theatre.


My art reflects my cultural and personal diversity and I couldn't have been happier choosing this medium of expression!