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Run Nasty Wolf is a semi-autobiographical one-woman show about a Jamaican-American woman named Angela. 


Angela is a super fragile, enthusiastic, experimental dope fiend who can eat copious amounts of Chinese food without even being asked to. Written by and starring Alexis Craig-Hart, this show follows Angela as she stumbles about Europe and the Caribbean in order to find a place where she belongs. This dark comedy, directed by Christine Nau, will have you questioning what it means to be American, awkward, and black on an international scale.


You might ask, what inspired Alexis to create this piece? Let's begin with some questions that we can all relate to on some level. Have you ever wanted to speak but felt stifled by hate? Do you ever feel incomplete in a place that should feel like home? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then Run Nasty Wolf is definitely a performance you would want to experience.


Alexis wants people to see this and feel inspired to embrace their multifaceted personalities, their shortcomings, their failings, their presumed ugliness, and their voice. This show will inspire people to understand that weaknesses, when utilized correctly, are in fact strengths.